Why Choose Us

For over 50 years P Smith and Son Real Estate has seen property management as being a cornerstone of our business. 

At P Smith & Son, the management of properties is set as a priority; with the day to day  management being in the direct control of the principal and business owner, Kathryn Leslight.

Of course, one 'man' alone can not complete all of the tasks required to manage a property effectively in Todays world so in order to achieve the best management possible, we have a team of 5 highly experienced & highly trained professional staff who work together to create an effective, smooth running management of Your property.

P Smith & Son is the longest-established Real Estate Office in Murwillumbah & are proud to have built alliances over the years with many quality tradesmen and service providers. We have a multitude of tradesmen covering every conceivable repair from plumbers, carpenters, painters and electricians to tradies who attend to the smaller
'incidental' repair like hinges or replace door rollers etc. 

Our years of experience & regular training commitments ensure our staff maintain the highest level of quality in our approach to the management of the properties in our care to ensure they perform at peak level with the maximum  rental return possible.

Our Objective.....

Our objective is simple:    To maximise and improve the rental returns of our landlords.

How do we do this?

  • We believe good agents attract good landlords; good landlords have good properties; good properties attract good tenants; and good tenants look to lease from good agents.
  • We believe valued long term tenants result in improved long term returns. Whilst we regularly review rents, we recognise the largest cost an owner will incur is the cost of vacancy and finding a new tenant.
  • We believe well maintained properties incur lower costs over time. To this end, we regularly inspect properties and report our findings to our landlords and tenants and we make recommendations to maintain and improve your property in a cost efficient manner.
  • We recommend all of our landlords have Landlord Insurance.  Whilst it might be easy to say, 'your best insurance is to have a good agent', a good agent will recommend you have the best insurance.

What You Get

When you list your property to be managed by P Smith & Son Real Estate we like to believe we manage your property as if it were our own.  Here is a list of some of the many services we provide:

  1. All agent nominated advertising is paid by the agent.
  2. Agent paid access to over 5 independent websites including domain.com, realestate.com, myhome.com, homehound.com, psmithandson.com.au
  3. Applications are scrutinized and verified before any inspections are arranged.
  4. All inspections with prospective tenants are conducted only after we have qualified the suitability of an applicant for your property. All inspections are completed accompanied by our staff.
  5. Tenants are selected on the basis of the best tenant to apply, not the first to apply.
  6. We determine and negotiate rents, lease terms and unique Special Conditions for each property on our books.
  7. Bond moneys are collected and promptly lodged with the Office Of Fair Trading.
  8. Leases are prepared and executed including the issuing of mandatory statutory documents.
  9. We Complete very detailed in-going & outgoing Condition Reports with photos to support those inspections.
  10. We Collect rents and monitor arrears. We promptly Issue arrears notices and termination notices in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 1941 if/when required.
  11. We report to owners on a monthly basis, issuing statements detailing all financial transactions for the relevant month plus we issue end of year summaries for taxation purposes.
  12. Direct Debit of all moneys owing at end of each month to your nominated account for immediately cleared funds.
  13. We arrange for all repairs required under the terms of the Residential Tenancy Act 1941 & seek instructions from owners for such repairs where required.
  14. We arrange for maintenance services such as lawn mowing, gardening or pool maintenance if these particular services are required on behalf of a property owner.
  15. We pay all accounts associated with property including repairs, maintenance, Council Rates, Water Rates, Insurance Premiums (if applicable) out of collected rents on behalf of an owner.
  16. We review rents in line with changing market activities and negotiate increases when viable.
  17. We negotiate lease renewals when in the best interest of a property owner.
  18. We Conduct regular periodic inspections of rental properties and report back to the owner with findings including a detailed report with photos.
  19. We accept and/or issue termination notices as required and when doing so, follow up with issuing a check list to tenants on to vacate premises.
  20. We release and/or claim bonds via the Office Of Fair Trading's Internet Rental Bond Board Service for speedy/accurate bond action
  21. We apply for Consumer Tenancy & Trader Tribunal hearings, we prepare cases and personally attend and represent owner at hearings when required.
  22. We serve summons, notices and orders on tenants in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 1941 if/when required.

At P Smith & Son, we appreciate that not any one property is identical to another, just as the needs of one property owner will never be identical to another. In consideration of that, our team approach our management role with consideration to individual personal needs of our owners & cater to those needs accordingly.